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Various Paint Sheens and where to use them.

There is no joy as great as building a home. As happy as you may feel when building, you have to be prepared to spend a lot. After everything is done, the final finishes include painting and landscaping. It does not end at painting alone; you also need a final coat for a perfect finish. You can not afford to make a mistake on the final coat. There should be a balance between the shades. Too much brightness can be overwhelming, and a little light is not that attractive. It does not have to come up to that when you have different types at your fingertips. Making the correct choice means excellent results and years of service. The paint sheens you should know about are gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, flat and eggshell.

For areas such as the kitchen, living room, polish the paint with eggshell sheen. You do not have to sweat yourself much when cleaning off any stains from this wall. It is therefore not best for outdoor areas. The second one (flat) is also great for dining rooms, living rooms, and office spaces. It works great for such spaces because it seals any areas with dents. Next, you have satin sheens, which you will mostly find in busy places such as schools, children’s playing room as well as their sleeping area. They are the best for such because they are the shiniest hence easy to clean up. Semi-gloss is a bit more polished than satin, thus making it effortless to clean. It is best for cooking areas, bathrooms, and windows.

You lastly have gloss. It is the best when it comes to sheen levels. You will mostly find it on doors, cabinets, and areas that experience frequent cleaning. In almost every recently built home, you will find these paints used. Matte is the number of sheen that most people will go for, for their homes or offices. That is probably because it does not require one to dig deep into your pockets to purchase it. As much as it is affordable, it is not right for areas accessed by large numbers because it can get messy and cleaning won’t be simple. Egg-shell sheens also wear off quite fast and will cost you to repaint. A smooth formula to keep in mind is the higher the sheen, the more it will cost you.

For a perfect finish, always consult with someone who has been doing it. With so many options to choose from, you may end up using the wrong choice. Only then can you be assured of a job well done.

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